Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Life has become the superbly boring 9-5 thing..with almost all the fun jam packed on the weekends when Poonam is around..

The fun thing that happened was that I went in for a skydive from 10000 feet from the shoreline of Cape Cod.It was the most exhilarating activity I would have ever done..with a 40 seconds freefall and 3.5 minutes with a parachute thereafter.

I am currently working on a pet project that I think probably has the potential to make it big..or atleast provide me a good standing as a web developer outside of my line of work..which probably would shoot the page rank of this blog many times it is now..(only If I can publish it here..)

I can now cook as good as my mom does..which in fact was something I have learnt by myself..A pat on the back there...

I am dying to take another trip down memory lane,meet some old friends in the US,remember good old days..

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