Sunday, August 30, 2009

The Internet of Things

At work,I have being toying around with a way to have in-browser notifications in real time about the application the user is currently using.
I came across the XMPP protocol while designing my proof of concept, and further reading and research on the protocol made me realise what people have used to protocol to achieve.

The "Internet of Things" is something of a self-aware global or a private network of devices or objects that talk to each other over central nodes,these nodes being XMPP servers(loosely speaking).

The beauty of the protocol is its extensibility, and presence management that comes with it out of the box.

OpenSpime is an example of such a library that has extended the XMPP protocol, and currently has a Python library to get started.

This information came to me when I was browsing through hackaday,and has come as a pleasant surprise.

Here is also another informative link, what can you do with xmpp.

Sounds fun!

I am looking at publishing my implementation of the proof of concept,and it will require me to get approvals, given it has become intellectual property of the company I work for.
Looking forward to it...

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