Saturday, April 26, 2008

China Mobiles

I had been to the Manish Market in CST,Mumbai and I am staggered at the variety of Mobile phones that are available there.

They are reffered to as china mobiles,and the variety is endless.So much is the variety that it is impossible to find two shops that sell the same kind of device.

The features are rocking,you can actually watch TV on the mobile,and by default the mobiles are all touch screen,and run a home grown operating system.

I saw a phone with a camera,and it had lenses fitted to it,just like the same kind for telephoto.
The image quality was good,and the optics were average.

Darn cheap is an understatement.

These cellphones are available as less as 3000 rupees(around $75) .

The only down side is that they are guaranteed to for 10 days,and there is no one who can bail you out if the thing konks off.

But it justifies that.Why would i spend 300-400 rupees on a phone that cost me 3000 rupees.

I brought a new toy.
It rocks.Absoloutely.

Here is the photo from the top view showing the Laser pointer at the bottom edge of the gun.

I actually konked this off,by using a bearing ball,but managed to clean it up and make it work by actually opening the entire thing.

I think this was the most successful operation of any thing that I have ever possesed,coz this time there was not a single part that remained outside and all was back in the toy.

Otherwise it normally happens that something or the other does not find its place back in the toy.

This thing shoots something so hard that it actually can damage paint and can dent tin cans.

The accuracy fades at a distance of 10 feet,and a more heavier projectile is requiste as the plastic bullet tends to spin.
It has got a nice hold to it,and it fits snuggly in my arms,and rests well on my shoulder.

I had an idea..That I am going to spend time around.
I am going to divert the Laser light from the left to around the barrel using fiber optic cable,and the arrangment would be to create an "+" within a square.
Lets hope it works.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

April Fool's Tragedy

Would have lost a good relation,and the prank was so successful that I am staggered as to how successful it went.Cant delve in the details,but I was saved by hair's breadth.

Its a good day to find out what people think about you,in general and specifics too.
You can propose to that girl that you think u like,and test it.If it goes sour then u are saved from embarrassment that she refused,and its good if she agrees.

What I did was pinged an announcement to all my colleagues at office saying that I have sweets at my desk for my six sigma certification being successful.Lo and Behold! 70 people fooled in a jiffy.

Its very difficult for me to stay mature on this day.The "kid" mode is on by default.