Friday, October 12, 2007

A year later....

The most daring journey of my life started this day....My life as well as my job at TCS.
As of now both have been pretty well....

And one more thing happened last year on this very day..My cellphone came to life this same day..
As of today my cell is old by 9000+ meessages and a shade above 83 minutes in airtime.

Had a normal day tday..just like any other day at office...a lot of calls and messages and people asking for the most hilarious treats....

The best learning today..

My mom wished me "Happy Birthday" and I said "thank you".She said you should have wished me too.
I realize today what I mean to her....

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Hats of to You! Madame

I think this has been the moment that has definitely moved me,bearing the fact that it was a sight that has been particularly unique and has changed my perception towards women in general.
There isnt a ray of doubt that I respect them as individuals and not as members of the opposite sex,but this one leaves an impressions of what women really are.

I happened to see a lady bus conductor.I am not sure whether it was a shock of life or just plain awe towards her,but the feeling was something different and I was constantly looking at her,
as was the entire set of people sitting in the bus.

I visited the exam center to attend my exam,and was more than happy to experience the
learning altogether.

A learning that be it any job, if "he" can,"she" definitely can.