Sunday, January 18, 2009

I Ran and Ran and Ran...To the finish....

It was a great experience to participate in the SCMM 2009.I enrolled in the 21.097 Km race that started at the Azad Maidan and then finished there.

I was able to finish the race in just a shade over three and a half hours.

Check the snaps here.

Monday, January 12, 2009

DIY GorillaPod

I had been trying since a few days to find something interesting to make,when i really get bored out of my programming and web surfing..The best place to be in such times is

I am in awe of what people are creating out of their imagination and really cool stuff is out there to be discovered.
I happened to read about the GorillaPod,which is a simple tripod for a point and shoot,and its happens to be something created out of sheer genius...the tripod can actually wrap around things,and stay stiff,so you can get those oddly positioned shots out of your camera.

Here is what my DIY version looked like...

To be honest,I have made this in 2 days flat!And it has not cost me more than $15.
Here are some more snaps of it,where the tripod seems to assumes the role of a photogenic model.

Here is how it can shoot in the macro mode....

The Pod clinging to a thin Door of my cupboard(Please neglect the mess within the cupboard,actually its a black hole,whatever has gone in,really I have never been able to find that thing back....)

Last but not the least,how the tripod clings to the window grill in my house...

I would be keen to sell this to someone who would be really interested.Drop me an email at rupin[dot]chheda[at]