Wednesday, April 22, 2009

My first few Weeks in Milford

Not pretty exciting!Well looking forward to it..
I have just rented a 2BHK apartment here, planning to buy a car(Milford is really horrible when it comes to public transport..Boston is way better)..
Work normally extends 8-8, and I do cook food sometimes!
Nothing exciting happening here...just the regular work-cook-sleep kinda life..
I am dying to jump start another small project or something..something that I may look forward when I come back home...The way it was in India...
The best thing here is the is pleasant..sometimes cold..and changes erratically...Spring is arriving...and the trees are starting to that is the good part of this place..
The first place that I visited was Rhode Island..but the rains ruined the fun..had to stay back at the hotel for about 6-7 hours..will post snaps soon..
I have never been out of house like this..never in my entire it all seems overwhelming...I have to make decisions that I have never thought of taking...and at times I tend to go nuts deciding between things..


ksp said...

Milford, as in Milford, New England?

Rupin Chheda said...