Friday, August 29, 2008

Back to college

I had been to my engineering college today..casually..for some work also..
Well it has changed a lot..and a lot is an understatement..the infrastcuture has changed a lot..there has been a new MMS wing that has come up and functional

The work that I was supposed to finish,was wrapped up in a sometime,and Since it was a thursday,I got the eat the delicious Pav Bhaji at the college canteen.
I still remember that like a kid I used to run on thursdays to savour the treat..
The taste still hasnt changed a tad bit..
I also was a lot more hungry,so I also had a plate of Misal Pav, and just returned back to the good old days..Genuinely..I actually went back in time where I and my pals used to eat in the same cafeteria..

I had a lot of time at hand,and was sitting at the college ground floor,where we used to spend time together on the chairs kept there..
I saw people in a frenzy to complete their journals,and people just chilling out..
every scene and every moment that I had spent in those wonderful four years,I literally could live that..
It was an awesome experience...I throughly enjoyed it..

I really attribute all the fun to the food that I had there..

Missing my pal Viral Gala..We both used to share the lunch table in college..

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Finally got it...Hurray!!!!

Well its the IPOD Touch..
Some time ago..January to be precise,my project manager declared a contest...The person who solves the most bugs as well as logs the most will be awarded a 16GB Ipod touch...
The contest was supposed to be closed on the 20th of February,but hey..this is project management one on one..
I did win it,with a whopping 36 bugs solved in 30 days,and this together with delivery schedules and project assignments on my head.
This was also the time when I had clocked two 80 hour weeks one after the other,and genuinely,I was motivated to an extent that I was never ever in my life.
Well yes,they did not give me my due on time,time when I most wanted it,to gift it to someone special(Yes,you are correct!!!).
It was a long chain of flame mails to my manager,and a complete "disobedience" movement of not to solve any bugs further.

And it did turn up to be fruitful,I finally have it..

I already was gifted an 8 GB one by April from the same "someone special".

Its kinda funny how silly the device is..
A 16 GB memory can store upto may be 30 hours of movie,and If you sit to see a movie on the Touch,with a full charge,it discharges at around 3 hours.

I find it rather silly,and yes the same applies to music too..
But hey..The interface rocks!!!Totally...
I already have hacked it,and playing around my gift so that I can put a GSM modem around it,so I also can talk with it..
More in latter posts!!