Thursday, August 13, 2009

I need of a new project!

I am so damn in a desperate need to start my own a robot,do something without any reason of doing it..
Life is so drab and dull with nothing more than managing deploy schedules,listening to endless meetings,and its not the same here as it was in India.I could just hop off to lamington on a saturday morning and get my robot ready by Sunday end of day,probably dismantle it the next morning without keeping notes or pictures of my creation..

US would most probably be the place where I can get the latest micro boards and nice motors and stuff for my bot, but probably I would need to shell out a fortune to procure those as compared to India.There is no machining shop around,my house has a carpet so cant have heavy tools like a drill to make a robot chassis..the list is on and on and on..I hate buying readymade kits, and people who know this facet of me know how a "get my hands dirty" guy I am ..

I have loads of time at spend doing what I do robots...

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