Tuesday, May 29, 2007

My Graveyard Shift

It is fun to work here at night.
Firstly you are only this one person on the entire floor,you can play the music u like, and no one to ask what u doin.Best of all the canteen here is working and you can ask for either Maggi or a sandwich.Too Good.....
I kinda like this and hope to continue ,but I fear my body might give way.
Secondly when I return home in the morning,the sleep is so deep that it is next to being unconsicous,and I just love sleeping that kinda way.
The most important is that i find time to study for my CAT.
Lets keep fingers crossed that it works out fine.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

This saturday was fulfilling

Firstly got to meet Sree.After a long time.And what he brought with him was ever more exciting...
He brought the Simputer...which happens to be a mobile Linux platform with a lot of things that can be done on it,and also had a look at Ubuntu and seriously wondering why ppl are not moving to such an operating system..I mean it totally rocks!!
Since the simputer runs Linux,I was in awe at what he brought.Also it was a new Sree that I met,and was fairly unrecognizable at first glance!(Well I was not the only one by the way)
And actually a meet with Sree made me realise how less i knew about myself and how good he is at seeing beyond the obvious..

Hopped to Lamington, had the chance to meet Bhakti..But she was sleeping when I was leavin.
The fun part was that she called up a little later when I was back home and the devil in me could not wait to trick her.Well she had a good time loitering around the place as she followed directions around which I told her,and she fell for it,believing that I was back there.
The fun part was her banging the phone down when she realised.hehehe
Last but not the least,I could catch up with my CAT studies which happen to be lagging far behind and giving me a conscious feeling that something's wrong..

I would be able to sleep peacefully this saturday.