Sunday, March 22, 2009

My Experiments

Last night,I was trying to install Debian on my Ubuntu sytem under Virtualbox.It was a painstaking 3-day download from the Debian Http servers, and then I understand that Virtualbox currently does not support a 64-bit guest OS yet.So it more 3-painstaking days to download the 32-bit Debian iso.

Apart from this I have ordered a new device from China,it has come pre-installed with WinCE and GPS logging in-built, and I need to run EmDebian on it.I really want to write down one large blog post that will show actually how to do this..effortlessly.

Things have slowly moved away from Orkut and Facebook, and more into Twitter.The system is so good that it allows posting information from a varied set of sources, and that's what make my mind tick.

I cannot believe this, that since the last 8 weekends, I have done nothing but built apps one after the other for Twitter..although they are in pretty nascent stage to date..And I love it!

Nothing more than this.

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