Saturday, June 14, 2008

Some thoughts on Coins!

Seriously, life has become a tad bit complicated...
There have been issuance of newly minted coins on Re.1 and Re.2 in the Indian Market.
Trouble is they look the same.They are round with minimal physical features that can distinguish the coins by touch,and to add to the confusion,they also almost look the same.

The only way to distinguish is to actually look at the denomination.

It was a little while ago that the Re.1 was circular and the Re.2 was in shape of an octagon.

Its OK for me,I have good sight.What about the blind beggar?
You must be kidding to design such coins...I am not sure what went behind the design of those coins,but they are an absolute nuisance..

My argument points to the fact that people with some kind of disability have to taken into consideration when a particular design is expected to touch their life.If its is money,you cannot expect to single out a particular group of people that will not come in direct contact with it.

The icing on the cake is:
The 50 paise coins and the 5 Rupee Coins are also same in size shape and almost same in weight.
It is a terrible fact that the difference of denomination is so huge,and yet the two are almost the same.

May be now I have to really play with coins to have a feel of them,or always be cautious!

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