Saturday, May 10, 2008

Working with LAMP

I have been recently entrusted to create a website on the LAMP stack.It is my first experience of being the admin,the DBA and the programmer all bundled in one.
I already have a prior experience working in ASP,IIS and Oracle,that happens to be my work with GE.
I am totally amazed at how good this new found experience is.The scripting language is so much more fun to work with.There is already a built in function or a utility somewhere that you can really stitch together and create pages.I dont think I have ever come across such richly documented procedures and so much reference to peep into,If i am stuck.Me thinks ASP sucks big time.

To top it all,PHP happens to be object oriented also,and that adds to the fun of working with it.

Did I mention that it was free!

I have set up WAMP on my local machine here,and when the entire site is ready,I will just sync the shared space on the real environment and my local machine settings.

Kinda cool!

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