Wednesday, January 26, 2011

HowTo- Attach a propellor on a TURNIGY 2204-14T 19g Outrunner

In my initial rounds of testing the setup for the RC electronics, I came across a real problem, how to securely attach the prop to the Outrunner motor.I looked around a lot of groups and websites, and after looking at a lot of pictures, have been able to attach the prop.

1) Remove one of the small concentric pieces that came with the prop, one that fits securely over the motor.

2) Push the piece you selected in step 1, into the prop.See image of original prop and one with the piece inserted.The one with the piece inserted has a smaller hole.In the image, the prop on the top has the piece inserted.

3) Place the prop on the motor, and use rubber bands.Tie the rubber band from one screw to the other , and the prop in between. Tie one on each side of the prop.

Happy flying!


After some minutes of flying, the propeller just got flung around as the rubber bands snapped.Its a more firm hold with a cable tie.


Aquib Fateh said...

Your tips helped me put the propeller on my motor.

The problem I have is the wires on the motor do not allow it to sit flat on the wings of my aircraft.How did you go about solving that problem.

Rupin Chheda said...

@Aquib-what airplane do you have?
Can you post some images..I am not able to understand your question on the fitting of the motor.