Sunday, March 23, 2008

The "Bhaang" Experience

Trust me its fun....

Its ok...I had Bhaang! and others did to..,But the entire experience was worth it.
As ever friends had joined in at my place for Holi.This includes Jugal and Kennedy.So it by default includes a "bhaang". So what happens after you have it..Here are some of the symptoms that u are up for a joy ride.
1)Headache(Most common)
2)You can laugh as much as u want to,because that is what u are doing for the last half hour.
3)Heaviness and sleep.
4)Ignorance of nearby events
5)The courage to get up and write what u are feeling.
6)You agree to Einstein that other worlds exist,coz you can see the "other" of your world,next to it.
7)If you are a first timer,you would not even know that the effects have already started,you tend to think that you are very strong and still in your senses.Other disagree.

What happens after all this
2)Apologies for things u havent done,nor said.
3)Crying for reasons that people will have a different opinion about you when they meet you next.
4)You will listen...Forever..

The best way to keep away the negative effects is to have a glass after you have done with your holi cleaning,in the relaxed state of mind.You will be astonished how deep a sleep it can induce.

So pick up a glass next time,and dont eat after that.If you eat,then you are gone.The effects actually will be more prononuced.

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