Tuesday, August 21, 2007

A way to spend a lazy Sunday Afternoon

Two things that I definitely do on the Internet are
Blog Surfing

Can you see the "Next blog" link on this page.Keep clicking....


I do this everyday,and I watch the most impressive pictures of the last 7 days on flickr.

Sundays are no longer boring....

Monday, August 20, 2007

The Ghostly Images

I am feeling very very lucky,coz my sister owns a cool Nikon Coolpix S5.Although it is a definite point and shoot,but for inquisitive ppl like me who will learn all the neat stuff that the cam does, all that my sister finds it hard to comprehend,it is kinda a lot of, genuine fun.
If you dont belive me check out my album at flickr.com/excerptsfromlife and you will find two ghostly images of my mom and my neice,and this has come as a surprise to me that I could actually do this.
If you are reading this and you happen to stay any where close to the Queens Necklace in Mumbai,please call me..I will give you all the rights to any photo that I click there.

The cam has got what not.The list is endless. A macro function that is terribly good and timelapse..waah...you have to do nothing the cam just goes on with its work.
I am saving a huge sum of money to buy a digital SLR which will gimme a lot more freedom.I wish the OpenMoko had a neat cam in it.I would have definitely brought the phone right away..
If no one would be looking,then I might pick up the screwdriver and then open up the Nikon coolpix,but then the stakes are a kick on the most undesired place and a lifetime celibacy from things that are cool as the Nikon.As for now I am very happy.

And I am genuinely happy that some one else too is interested in photography and this makes me happier than ever...We share atleast something in common.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

A Good Time To Invest.

If you are not a party animal and don't spend a handsome amount of money like my friend Bhavik,then here is a time to grow it.The Markets here in India are going through a low phase that has its roots in the Subprime Lending back in the US.
For a quick low-down on this, refer toWikipedia,and you will find that it has also started back here in India.Dont you remember those errant random calls from banks which are as varied a loan to buy a puppy!
The point is that if you are sitting on a large pile of cash as I do,then it would be wise to atleast start investing some in the Stock Market.Buy small and buy when the market is bearish.Buy for the long term...
I had an itch to write this blog coz of two reasons.Firstly I havent written one in past couple of weeks and secondly I have brought some stocks ..again...Still waiting for the market to fall,so that will buy more and enhance my Rupee Cost Averaging.
It is not sure when the market will again climb the celebrated levels it was 3 weeks ago,when the folks at TV18 went nuts,but I am planning to hold for atleast a year or so.

Although I do not understand the market well as yet, but backed by some good people's advice whom I belive, this is a bet I would hardly repent for.