Saturday, April 21, 2007

Companions in the Train

'The World Is Flat' - Thomas Friedman
A book that I think has been the one that I like the most from my entire reading history.
Partly of the fact that it has a factual punch to it,and the author's style appeals to me.
I kinda like books that illustrate facts with numbers and this book is just about that.
The idea of the author revolves around political and technological changes in the 1990's that have sculpted the world that we know today.A must read for a beginner in current affairs,as this one cuts through all jargon.
on a scale of 1-5 I would rate it 4.

'Word Power Made Easy'-Norman Lewis
Why the hell didn't I refer to this book before makes me wonder, although me being an impulsive book buyer,could not spot this gem before my eyes.
In the sense that this book as anybody would say would improve vocabulary in English very easily,and I would recommend it to any and all.
On the same scale this one scores a 4.5

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